Team: committed and flexible.

A highly motivated team supports effective communications. Depending on the task at hand, we are aided by first class graphic artists, photographers, web designers and other creative specialists. Our team:

Irène Messerli, Co-Owner, Co-Director
Qualified PR consultant Swiss PR Society. Degree in educational science. Online journalist. Head of communications in an international media enterprise, a college and a police forces. Lecturer. Board Member BPRA and simsa. Spends her leisure-time in enjoying nature, on vacations and doing sport.

Dominik Allemann, Co-Owner, Co-Director
Qualified PR consultant Swiss PR Society. Accredited by PR-Suisse, PR editor SPRI. Commercial education. Promotion manager Sony Music, Consultant in a PR agency. Vice-president PR Gesellschaft Zurich ZPRG. Likes FCZ, Zurich’s soccer team, good food and endurance sports.

Martina Bürge, Senior Consultant
Communicator FH. Agency experience in finance, IT and lifestyle sectors. Chairwoman of Columni ZHAW. Engagement in cultural communication. Enjoys preparing international cuisine in her leisure-time and participating in seasonal sports.

Thierry Li-Marchetti, Consultant
MA in communication sciences and media research, CAS in corporate communications. Experience in international agency networks. Communication officer of an NPO and communication specialist for the Federal administration. Loves to travel around the globe and taking tons of pictures of it.

Miriam Mahler, Consultant

Qualified PR expert. Worked in the travel business. Many years of experience in communications for an international art institution and in Investor Relations. Enjoys learning languages, travelling or hiking in the mountains in her spare time.

Michelle Sandmeier, Junior Consultant

BA in Media and Economics, CAS Marketing Writer. Gained experience in a NGO and a web agency. In her free time she is committed to ZeroWaste, enjoys being outdoors and reading books.

Michael Walther, Consultant
MA in history and sociology. Gained PR experience in a large NGO and as a journalist for a radio and a Sunday newspaper. Preferred method of mobilty in Summer: two wheels and in Winter: on the snow.

On the phone: ESPAS
On the phone, you are welcomed by employees of the foundation ESPAS during the time we are busy. Bernet PR works with ESPAS since more than 20 years. The foundation encourages the economic and social integration of individuals, who are not fully competitive due to health reasons. (Photo: Brigitte Starke)